Monday, 24 November 2008

A quick update

In another ten days I will be returning to Perth, pick up my van to continue my tour-of-discovery. I am almost at the end of the things I needed to do overhere in Sydney, visited many of my friends and reported on my progress on the big venture.

I have also taken some time to post some of my photos in larger format on the internet. Some of you have asked me to see some of those images in a more realistic view than is possible to post in the blog. So now, you can check out about 250 pictures I have uploaded so far. There are lots more that I intend to upload, so, if you want to check and see what is there, I suggest that you copy the link below into your "Favorites" folder for future use. For now, simply click onto the link to go there. Yes, it would b e helpful if you have a broadband connection for this exercise.

Looking north from Coogee

-->>>Click here for some Pictures

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