Saturday, 20 December 2008

Heading south along the coast

I follow the Highway south, the weather much cooler now, clear blue sky, such a great day to be driving along. Quite a lot of traffic on this road. Rockingham turns out to be a very nice township and we spend the night in a parking lot on the beach, but sheltered behind some trees as quite a gusty wind is blowing in from the ocean. The island, just off shore is called Penguin Island but does not provide any noticeable protection from the gusty wind.

Jo, helping to stow my awning

The following day, further south, along the coast to Mandurah, another popular township with lots of developments, new housing estates with many houses for sale. So far, most of the townships have a really good feel to them, like it was great to be living there. Further south, Bunbury and Busselton are also great townships with many friendly people and superb locations. Busselton also has a brand new housing estate with waterways at the door of many of the houses. If boating or fisshing is your pleasure, this is a great place to make it a reality. Unfortunately, prices are much on the high side and so only a very select number of families could afford to live there.

The night before I spent at a resting area by the highway, but last night at the Kookaburra campground at Busselton was most welcome, the bag full of washing needed attention and a good hot shower much in need.

Today, Saturday, 20 December, Jo has organised for both of us to stay at a campground by the Ocean, just south of Busselton, located on the so-called "Holy Mile" where we will stay to escape some of the Christmas rush that is bound to happen during the weeks to come. (They call it the "Holy Mile" as many of the campgrounds along this stretch of Highway are run by various church organisations.) After sunny days and blue skies its much cooler today, even some rain and so, its back to Jeans and long sleeved shirt until the weather will improve again tomorrow.

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