Saturday, 31 January 2009

The daily Treat at Legian

Our stay at Legian does not include breakfast, so off we go on our morning short walk around the corner to visit "Bobby's Cafe" where a wonderful breakfast can be had every morning. Great Bali coffee, a large platter of fresh and delicious fruits and then an absolutely lovely omelette with fresh toast with NZ butter. It seems, many a visitor have discovered Bobby's as well, so there is usually a good gathering each morning of many people.

Tommy's Cafe

We have also tried his Iced Coffee on most afternoons, so now I can only comment that the stuff is addictive - not just the usual cold-and-wet variety that are offered in most other places.

That Iced Coffee sure does put asmile on your face!

The staff are all friendly, we are always greeted with a big smile and cold hand towels that help to reduce the heat on a hot afternoon when we come back from a walk.

It also looks as if some of that rain we have experiennced last week has been blown away, resulting in hot sunny days where its smart to look for a bit of a breeze close to the sea shore. This afternoon, Jo and I went to spend our day reading in the gardens right along the beach in one of the big Hotels, cooled of in their pool and watched the promenade with visitors getting 'hooked' by street sellers.

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