Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Darwin - again

Darwin certainly is a bustling city, modern buildings, well laid out roads and highways with a well functioning public transport system that is also affordable. Popular with tourists and visitors, I have noticed many offices of tour operators as well as travel agents in the centre of town, all catering to the needs of the many visitors.

One of the many buildings in the centre of Darwin

Crocodile leather I saw displayed in one of the tourist shops

The caravan park I am staying in also has many visitors traveling across Australia by various means, some travel in Station wagons, some in simple camper vans, others even in 4WD vehicles. Those who have planned for longer trips, usually purchase a second-hand vehicle in the city when they arrive, but needing to sell those cars again before leaving Australia. Those with time-limited travel usually get around in (more expensive) Rental Vans.

Yesterday I met 4 young German girls who are traveling, 2 in a Station Wagon, the other two in a small camper van, which they have painted and decorated all over. They all love their travel adventure across Australia, they are also relaxed with their newly found way-of-life, if only for a limited time.

Four young German Girls traveling together at Darwin

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