Thursday, 31 March 2011

Time flies when you are having fun, or so they say...

Well, today finds me at Dalmeny Beach, just a few kilometres north of Narooma, on the South Coast of NSW.  It all will make more sense if I start to backtrack over the last few weeks to bring everyone up-to-date.

The drama with my fuel injection still continues to this day but I better qualify:-  After seeing the Diesel Specialist at Berrima it turned out that he was not in a position to fix the problem but he pointed me in the right direction by referring me to a company in Sydney, where I had two of my fuel injectors replaced and been put on notice that the other two needed to be replaced as well.  The cost for 2 injectors in Australia is $2200.00 PLUS installation.  Naturally, I decided to buy the other new injectors on the net and ordered 2 from England instead at a much more competitive rate of  $380.00 incl. shipping for both.  Still waiting for those to arrive so I can finally come to the end of that problem...

From Sydney, where I stayed with friends out in the western part of town, I travelled north again again to Forster, also one of my favourite camp sites near Gloucester, the down the coast again to pick up my long-time-friend Monika from Germany from Sydney airport.  She had decided on short notice to take time off for a few weeks and I invited her to join me for that time so I can show her some of the beauty of New South Wales.

Sailboats at anchor in the Pittwater

We have since travelled south of Sydney, mostly following the coast, staying often at places I had visited at previous occasions.  Monika tells me she really enjoys the trip and she has taken lots of pictures, also writing a travel blog.  For those who can read german, this is her blog address:

Fitzroy Falls (lots of water after the rains)

We are staying at a beautiful spot at Dalmeny with a Million Dollar View, so decided to spend another night before moving on tomorrow.  At this stage still undecided, depending on temperatures and weather we may go further south into Victoria or turn northward for warmer temperatures.  We had quite a windy night last night, temperatures also down, so its back to long sleeves and long pants.  We also had a nice long walk along the beach this morning as well.

The Million $ view from my home

Views along the beach

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