Monday, 28 December 2009

Down the South Coast from Sydney

Yes, I know that its about time I say something about my trip again, so here I go:

Sydney brought a few up and downs, some great, others as yet undecided developments.  My medical check turned out ok and am now planning to return to Sydney early March for a small operation when the weather will be a bit cooler.  In the meantime its "on the road again" for me.

I leave Sydney on Boxing Day (26 December) and follow the coastline south.  When I leave its heavily overcast and raining most of the way, the forecast has also promised some more of the same for the Sydney area.  Its also quite cool but ok for driving.  Traffic, initially very light gets heavier as I get further south, about 20km north of the town of Berry it is bumper-to-bumper and crawling pace.

I pull out in Berry and drive down to the Sports Ground where I will spend a night under drizzling skies.  It continues most of the night and I am happy to report that I had a really good night's sleep.

Rolling Hills with Milk Cows

There is a light drizzle of rain when I leave but slowly the sky brightens with bits of blue visible.  Quite amazing how different a landscape starts to look when there is more light, the dark cover of clouds slowly giving way to a more favourable outlook.  Its rolling hills all the way, green pastures, lots of milk producing cows for the cheese industry in these parts. 

Part of the waterfront at Narooma

A few kilometres just north of Narooma I find a great rest area a little away from the Princes Highway where I will spend yet another night.  I meet four young French people, Anna & Benjamin and Licia & Olivier, traveling in two Campervans, now on their way north to get a look at the New Years Celebrations with fireworks in Sydney.  I very much enjoyed talking with them about their traveling plans and it looks that we may meet up again when I get to Tasmania.

Even as I thought I had escaped the rainy weather, as it gets dark, rain sets in again.  Just as well I don't need to be outside, so instead I solve another Sudoku puzzle, read and listen to nice music.  An early night.

One of the beaches at Eden

Mineral deposits with black sand-like appearance.

By morning the rain has stopped, again, as I drive south it begins to clear to mostly blue sky.  Again I see rolling hills of green pasture, looking ever so much nicer under sunlight.  At Pambula I re-fuel and drive on to Eden where I stop for the day.

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