Monday, 1 March 2010

Tasmania - Looking back

I really did enjoy traveling all around that island.  Again I note the open friendliness I have encountered, virtually without exception, from all "locals", that is, Tasmanians wherever I went were always helpful, polite, lots of smiles!
Another look at Cradle Mountain

There is also a strong sense that they also enjoy their island, are very happy to live there, many of them saying, ".. its the best place in the world.." and all of that with conviction from people who have traveled the world, or perhaps seen a great deal of the 'Mainland' called Australia.
[Here some more info on Tassie]
The weather, also was mostly good with only a few rainy days during my stay.  What does require a little getting used to, is the often rapid change in temperature, quite hot on a sunny day but as soon as the sun goes down the temperature starts to drop rapidly, time to bring out the Woollen long sleeved sweaters to sit in comfort by the campfire.

I had chosen to travel in an anti-clockwise fashion around the island, starting out going west from Devonport after my arrival, a decision I do not regret in hindsight.  Another very positive impression I have come away with, is the availability of many campsites on beaches and National Parks that only require that you have a park permit but are otherwise free of charge.  Needless to say that I took advantage of that throughout my travels, only very occasionally opting for a caravan park for doing my washing and that hot shower to remove accumulated Tasmanian dust from many of the dirt roads I have been driving on.

So now I am back in Victoria having made the return trip on the ferry overnight .  It was an uneventful night, except my three cabin co-travelers were rather heavy in the snoring department, so I had rather a fitful night's sleep.

Victoria and New South Wales, here I come again!

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