Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Mungo Brush, Gloucester

Its about time to catch up!  After having my leg operated on and hanging about in Sydney for 3 weeks, its good to be on the road again, if only for about 2 weeks, as I need to return to the medics for a final check on 14 April in Sydney.
To make the best use of the available time I ventured just a little north of Sydney, visiting my friends Cheri and Bryan on Lake Macquarie.  We certainly had to catch up on lots as we had not seen each other for more than a year.  Good friends are usually not in great abundance, a great pleasure indeed to be welcomed with lots of hugs and affection.
When I leave the following (late) morning its to drive a little further up the coast, about 100km to a campground called Mungo Brush, located on a peninsula between the ocean and Myall Lake.  A really lovely spot, also with lots of campers as this is the Easter weekend when many families take time off with the kids, getting back to nature, a campfire at night (where permitted) and some simple fun like playing ball games etc.
Sunset at Mungo Brush
Such a relaxed atmosphere.  I spent 3 days there making friends with some of my neighbors.  On Easter Saturday I leave to drive to Forster, yet another holiday destination for Sydney-siders, so I only drive in to re-fill my fridge and top up my watersupply and fuel tank.  It is quite warm and humid at Forster, also, as expected, lots of Easter tourists.  I drive away from the coast to Gloucester, a good 80km and also at a somewhat higher altitude, to escape from the humidity of the coast.  I am also looking forward to a hot shower as I had not had one for the last 3 days in the scrub. 
 A great place to stay
 Camping at its best
The following morning, on Easter sunday, I drive a little north to a campground called Bretti Reserve, a lovely spot I had discovered when I was in this area about a year ago.  It is located at the bottom of a valley, embedded by rolling green hills and 2 rivers that border the reserve on 2 sides of the rectangle.  Quite beautiful.  Lots of tents and a few caravans there for the Easter holiday but really, a quiet spot where I intend to spend some time at.
When I leave on Tuesday morning the fog had just cleared from the valley but its overcast and looks like rain is on the way.  I follow the winding road toward the town of Walcha.  My last campsite in the valley was a scant 120m above sea level.  Now I am driving through high country cattle pastures at altitudes between 1100m and 1400m above sea level.  Its raining and at this altitude quite fresh.  I stop at Walcha where I am now posting this post to go on-line as there was no signal over the past few days.

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