Monday, 10 May 2010

Back on the Westcoast of Australia

The first glimpse of the Indian Ocean when I drive toward Geraldton is really simply beautiful, shades of blue and turquoise as far as I can see and that scene only gets better as I get closer to the ocean.  I park right the town beach with my rear window pointing to the beach so I have a fabulous view while I do my stuff, like cooking something to eat and have a cold drink.  The sky is blue the water blue, about 30 degrees with a breeze off the ocean.  It does not get much better!
The mail I had arranged to be forwarded to Geraldton is not there the following morning (Monday) so after some shopping we spend the day around town, Eckhard and Suki having to also go to Centrelink while I head for my favorite spot by the beach.  We stay another night before driving further north to Kalbarri and its beautiful coast and the gorges in the National Park.  More:

 Looking up to the Lookout at Z-Bend

At Kalbarri we stay at a caravan park right by the harbour and the inflow of the Murchison River that flows here into the sea.  It is a 'must' to visit the National Park to see and to experience the beauty nature has on offer in this part of Australia.  We decide to also descend into the gorge itself as I had not been there when I last visited here 2 years ago.  I am glad we did, some of the scenery is simply breathtaking.

Only standing pools of river water down the bottom

We slowly climb down to the bottom of the gorge which turns out not only rather colourful but also nice and cool while the day above has been increasingly warming up.  We also carry some water and food, dehydration is not a great option down here to consider.

Above are some views along the way down...

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