Friday, 21 May 2010

Ningaloo Reef

Time flies when you are having fun, or so they say, always surprising for me to realise how much has happened in just a few days.  well, when traveling with friends there are always things to do or more places to go...
A short part of the roads travelled
From Kalbarri we traveled north into the Peron Peninsula, to Denham for some shopping and re-fuelling then spent 2 nights at two different beach locations, just south of Denham, great spots and free of charge as well.  We saw some great sunsets and sunrises before driving further north to Carnarvon where we had to stay for 3 days, as Eckhard and Suki both had to see a Dentist (the only one until Darwin, about 2000km away.)  Our next stop was Quobba Station, a campground right on the coastal peninsula which turned out to be rather windy as well but we all enjoyed our stay there, walked the beach with its rugged red rocky coastline, white sand and lots of tiny fish swimming around your feet as you walk in the shallow water.

We were staying at No. 452 for 2 days (south of Exmouth on the Peninsula)

The next stop was Coral Bay and then on to Exmouth, or should I say Learmonth Jetty, beautiful clear turquoise waters, right on a beach with white sand onto the Exmouth Gulf.  Then, after two nights, on to Ningaloo Reef and the Cape Range National Park.  In order to get into a camp spot, you need to register at the entrance to the park with the Ranger, who allocates campspots as they become available.  More about Ningaloo Reef

We are at the Ranger Station already at 7.00 am, already 2 vehicles ahead of us in line to get into the Park.  Before the Ranger (a nice young lady) arrives at 8 o'clock, we witness a beautiful rainbow just as the sun rises.  Simply magnificent!  My Tibetan friends would say that to be very auspicious and extra good fortune for us.  Yes, we are very lucky to witness such a spectacle and to spend time in such a pristine environment!
Quite a Rainbow!

We are allocated two spots at Osprey Bay, beautiful in the Extreme, waves breaking several hundred metres from shore out on the Reef with the ongoing sound of the roaring surf at that distance.  

The Beach at Sandy Bay

Blue skies as you would expect, but we are glad of the breeze to keep the temperatures down.  On our second day we drive down the peninsula to Yardie Creek Gorge where we take a hike along the rim of the Gorge, the only one connected to the ocean.

Gorge Views and dried up trees along my walk

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