Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The Kimberleys and on to Katherine in the Northern Territory

Already another week has passed since my last post, so I guess its time for an other update.

After spending 4 nights at Kununurra, I drove north to Wyndham for a look at "Five Rivers Lookout", which turned out very nice with panoramic views along the coastline.
The Graffiti on the Boab reads "PISSHEADS"
Part of the view of Wyndham Harbour

I ended up at a place called Parry Creek, actually a kind of farm stay with large lawn areas for camping.  I am told there are lots  of midgees (sand flies), although tiny, but inflict a vicious bite that will be itching for weeks, so I put on my insect repellant before spending my evening at the campfire with two young French travellers and another Australian/Hungarian couple.  I had zero bites by the time I turned in.  This made me think that there were no midgees after all, so the following evening I did not put on any insect stopper and as a result got bitten all over.
More about Wyndham...
After 2 days at Parry Creek I returned to Kununurra for yet another 2 nights, then driving up to Lake Argyle, another beautiful scenic drive in the soft morning light.  Because of the recent late finish of the "wet Season" (monsoon) everything still looks green, even the spiky spinifex is looking like soft green cushions on the red earth background.

Camping at Parry Creek
Lake Argyle, more info...
When I leave the following morning I am driving toward the Northern Territory border and notice that the prominence of the Boab trees continues all the way to Timber Creek, where I re-fuel.  It is a bit of a myth that Boabs only grow in the Kimberleys as they are highly evident along the highway with its many floodways that obviously must be the carriers of the seeds during the wet season.  After Timber Creek, the ground rises and Boab trees have disappeared from my view, except for one tree I spot shortly before passing through Fitzroy.  The Northern Territory has a different time zone which means that I have to put my watch forward by one and a half hours, then being just 30 minutes behind the East coast time instead of the two hour time difference to Eastern Standard Time from Western Australia.
About Timber Creek..
The next rest area is too small and right by the highway, so I keep going for the next one which is much more spacious, but slowly begins to fill up by late afternoon.  I meet a nice lady who is travelling by bike, with a small trailer in the opposite direction as I.  She tells me her name is Lissy, she is in her 70s, lives in Melbourne with her husband.  She wants to travel all the way to the west coast again and then follow it down to Perth.  I am impressed, that someone that age still has such determination and stamina for such a strenuous endeavour.  She carries all her belongings on her trailer, so I can imagine that her life has to be reduced to absolute basics.  I invite her over to my house-on-wheels to share a nice chicken curry with me.  It turns out a very enjoyable evening as we share some of our travel experiences.  By the time I get up this morning I see that her tent is gone.  I wish her safe travels!

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