Friday, 4 June 2010

Toward the town of Tom Price and Karijini National Park

When we leave Learmonth Jetty there are clouds looking north-east, the direction in which we will travel.  By the time we reach the coast highway driving north, there are a few showers.  At Nanutarra Roadhouse we top up fuel to get to Paraburdoo.  There is light rain when we drive on, which increases the further east we drive.  

The rain we left behind

We pull over at our planned rest area.  Its raining quite strongly, but looking brighter toward Paraburdoo, so we keep going.  Sure enough, its getting brighter and the rain has stopped by the time we arrive in town.  As it turns out, no camping facilities, so we just keep going to Tom Price, where I know, we can go into a caravan park.

All the grass and spinifex burned off after a lightening strike in Karijini National Park

  We are in the southern Kimberleys, lots of red mountains, today decorated with heavy clouds, but also sunshine in places, a part rainbow, looking so real you feel you can also touch it.
Looking up to the rim of the Gorge

Water at the bottom of the Gorge

The following morning we drive on into the Karijini National Park with all its gorges, strongly coloured rock formations, pools of water, really a feast for my eyes.  So much to photograph, even though I have been here before twice, the shutter on my camera keeps clicking away.   More about Karijini National Park...

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