Monday, 13 September 2010

Is this really the "Dry Season"?

The sunny weather at Etty Bay did not last, quite wet with a lot of drizzle overnight, the Flying Foxes in the tree above my Motorhome did not improve the quality of my sleep either. They were at it for most of my last night, eating the plum-sized purple fruits, then dropping the walnut sized kernel on my roof with quite a bang.  In the morning I have to climb onto my roof with a garden hose to remove a heap of leaves, fruit kernels and bat shit from the roof and the top of my awning.

Clouds rolling in at Etty Bay

Lots of heavy tropical rain clouds are moving in from the ocean with plenty more rain.  When I drive out I 
head for the Tablelands again as the low clouds probably get stuck against the mountain range.  By the time I get to Yungaburra, about 720m above sea level, the sky has turned blue once again and I can see heavy clouds hanging all around the mountaintops.  Looks like my plan has worked for me.

View from my backwindow

Morning light at Yungaburra campground

It is a lot less humid up here with rather pleasant temperatures that come with the altitude.  I make my campsite close to the side of Lake Tinnaroo, just beautiful!

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