Tuesday, 7 September 2010

From the Tablelands back to the coast

After a lazy week at Mareeba Rodeo Grounds its time to get back on the road.  My Laptop had died on me some weeks ago, leaving me with only my small screen stand-by machine.  One of the big suppliers had been advertising a new machine for a quite reasonable price, so I had driven down from Mareeba to Cairns to buy one of these Laptops.  Naturally, a new Operating System (Windows 7) as against the old and trusted "Windows XP" I have been using for several years now.  As a consequence of the new OP System my broadband unit does not work on the new machine (yet) so for my Internet work I am still relying on my little toy machine until the problem has been solved.
When we leave Mareeba, Eck and Suki have decided to drive north again to Cooktown, while I want to head south toward the coast.  Mareeba was about 420m above sea level and I am surprised to see that when I arrive at Atherton, about 45km away, I am at an altitude of 750m even though I did not realise that I must have been going steadily uphill.  From Atherton I drive through Yungaburra, close to Lake Tinaroo.  It is a truly wonderful landscape along the lakeshores.  Too bad the weather is still on the wet side and due to the altitude I find myself near the prevailing cloudbase, accompanied by light drizzle of rain.

 Skydivers landing at Etty Bay

The road that takes me through Gordonvale onto the Captain Cook Highway which connects the towns along the eastcoast.  I had planned to stop at a rest area at Babinda but find the place after all the rain during the previous week, wet and soggy, drive a little further to Bramston Beach where I stop for the night at the beach.
 A big Goanna roaming the campground at Etty Bay
The sky looks as if it will be clearing during the day so I look forward to stopping at a place I remember from my last visit, last October, Etty Bay, another small campground, right on the beach, a little south of Innisfail.  I am allocated site no.6, directly opposite where I stopped last year.  It is still agreat spot, the Cassowaries and a couple of large Goannas still roaming around the campground, just like last year.

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