Saturday, 20 June 2009

Darwin, Litchfield

New blossoms of Eucalypts dropped to the ground by foraging Cockatoos
Darwin is certainly worth a second look at. During my last visit about a year ago it all seemed to exhibit "Red-neck-town" characteristics, what with the V8 Races that were held at that time. Having taken a second look now, I can say its a busy and bustling city with lots of street cafes where you can sit, enjoy a nice meal with a cold beer or glass of wine. A nice re-build after the town was destroyed more than 30 years ago in "Cyclone Tracy". Lots of new housing developments, everything built with plenty of space in mind, well designed buildings not only in the city centre.

Just a few steps from the centre is the Deckchair Theatre close by the sea, which is exactly as the name implies, row upon row of deck chairs side by side, out in the open and much like a Drive-in Theatre of years gone by, without any loudspeakers that would go on your car window, only a large screen to project the movie onto. Drinks and nibbles are also available, for you to enjoy while watching your movie.

I am staying at a Caravan Park a bit on the perimeter, called Peel Point Village Resort, sounds a bit like high value but nice enough with good facilities, quiet at night which is good because its located not too far from the Airport.

After 3 days at Darwin I drive south again to go to Litchfield National Park taking in some of the sights I already saw last year, like Buley Rock Holes on the way in, which last year seemed to overflow with families and lots of screaming kids. Yesterday, despite arriving on a Thursday, there were still plenty of visitors and the parking area full to the brim by the time I park my Motorhome. After a stop, a wander-around and having a cup-of-tea, I drive on further into the Park to Wangi Falls and get a spot at the campground there, as last time I could not get in.

Wangi Falls are two waterfalls cascading into a small lake at the bottom of that rockface. The area also has a very nice hiking trail around the area, a walk through the tree tops of the rain forest and a good easy climb to the top of the waterfalls.

Wangi Falls and pool

Once you are above the tree tops, the vegetation changes to the usual sparse shrubs and grasses that can survive in the dry environment.

Dry vegetation above the rain forest

The creek flowing into the Falls

I really enjoy this walk, climbing to the top of the Falls and back down to the Lagoon at the bottom, only a few people seemingly making the effort.

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