Monday, 1 June 2009

On to Mount Isa

Not a lot to see at Kynuna Roadhouse, but a great sunset that night.

View into the hills from Kynuna Roadhouse

Sunset at Kynuna

The shower facilities turned out to be covered in hundereds of small black beetles crawling all over the shower floor, the shower curtain and all over the toilet. Got the broom and swept out what was on the floor and ran the hot shower to wash down the sink hole what was in the shower cubicle.

In the morning I leave just after 8 am toward Cloncurry. The first 50km or so, its wide flat grasslands still, cattle country, the odd Road Train carrying some to town is passing me.

The terrain gradually changes to more brush by the road and for a some distance the grass is replaced with Spinifex, those soft looking cushions of grass that turn out, on closer inspection to be a really spiky lot that does not invite anyone to come close.

At Cloncurry I put some beer back in my fridge - yes, its getting warmer and I will need to quench my thirst "Bavarian Style" on a more regular basis when I get to my next destination...

Cloncurry turns out to be quite "dead" with all shops, except the booze shop closed, only a few fellow travelers in caravans on the highway. My literature tells me, there are 4500 people living here, but the lady in the grog shop tells me, this would include all people in the whole shire. I believe her. After driving around town and re-fueling I decide to drive on to Mount Isa.

The road to Mt. Isa runs through mountainous terrain with a constant change of view as I travel along. Dramatic rocky outcrops of many shades of colour make for an interesting view as I drive along, so the 120km seem to pass in no time.

When I arrive at Mt. Isa, I book myself into the same caravan park that I stayed at when I came through here last year. Finally lots of fresh water and I give my Motor Home a much needed wash all around, also walk across the road to an open shopping centre to pick up a few bits and pieces.

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