Thursday, 10 September 2009

Broome, Fitzroy Crossing and again at Kununurra

Before leaving Broome I visit an Auto Electrician to have my House Batteries checked as they sometimes seem to not hold enough power, but they came up looking good. I leave Broome at 8.30 in the morning. I am a long way north on this continent, so by about 10am its time to wind up the window and turn on the air conditioning. Fitzroy Crossing is located on the Fitzroy River that seems to still have water. I stop for the night at a now almost empty caravan park that had been overflowing on my way through west two months earlier.

View from the road looking south east near Fitzroy Crossing

Well, its getting too hot up north and most travellers are heading south. I am going east, want to cross the continent again before the buildup to the wet. Darwin, I am told has already had some rain, so its a good thing I am not going there on my return trip.

I leave Fitzroy Crossing early next morning for Halls Creek, where I stop to re-fuel. It turns out they have a powerfailure at the only Petrol Station, so I wait (with quite a few other travellers) as we are told it will be fixed in ten minutes. They forgot to add that its ten minutes Halls-Creek-Time. So after waiting 2 hours I decide to drive on to Turkey Creek, another 170km ahead and I know I have enough fuel to get me there. Its very hot at Turkey Creek, so, after topping up my tank I decide to keep going all the way to Kununurra.

As I had left early that morning I also see two Kangaroos crossing the road ahead, then sitting by the side of the highway, watching me go past. A bit further up the road a snake has decided to stop smack in the middle of my side of the road. I try to avoid her and can see it in my rear vision mirror disappearing by the side of the road. Lots of cattle crossing the road too in several places as I continue on. Always wise to slow right down when I see cattle by the roadside, as they are quite unpredictable how they behave.

I am glad I decided to drive on to Kununurra as I get great views of the Argyle Ranges in the afternoon light, quite a spectacular sight, only available in the afternoon light from the westerly sun.

Getting closer to Kununurra, Argyle Range

I arrive at Kununurra mid afternoon at the familiar campground by the lakeside, with a great view through my rear window from my spot. My vehicle is very dusty again from the trip down to Eighty Mile Beach and from the many detours from road construction sites along the way. There is plenty of clean water, so next morning, before the heat of the day sets in I give it a good solid wash, then spend the largest part of the day at the pool.

View of lake before sunrise at Kununurra from camp ground.

After the long drive, the day before, I decide to spend 3 nights to rest, before travelling on to Katherine in the Northern Territory.

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