Sunday, 13 September 2009

The road eastward, Katherine to Three Ways and Camooweal in Qld.

Kimberleys, on the road to Katherine

I re-filled my tank at Katherine as soon as I arrived, then checked in at The "Red Gum Caravan Park" where I have now stayed several times since I started my travels across Western Australia. Lisa at the reception remembers me, gives me a great site in the shade of a big tree, naturally with power. It is quite hot and surprisingly, also humid, so my aircon is going to keep me cool till nightfall, thanks to available electricity. I have also bought a bit more food as I intend to leave early before the head of the day sets in.

I am on my way by 6.30am on the highway that will take me south toward Three-Ways, where the highway going West - East meets the Highway going North - South.

Driving out from Katherine

I have planned to stop at Daly Waters Roadhouse, about halfway down the North - South. I fill my tank again and decide to continue further south as the place looks like a real dustbowl with the wind kicking up red clouds of bulldust.

On my way north in June/July I had stopped at a Homestead Banka Banka that I thought was very nice. When I get there two hours later, I find out that they had a fire with two burned out vehicles in their caravan park. They were closed so I had to find another stay. Forty km south is Three-Ways Roadhouse, so I decide to drive on and book myself in for the night. I am quite surprised to find my Telstra phone and Internet working, so at least I can stay in touch. The drive south has been uneventful, except that I saw a Wallaby mother with her baby behind her, both hopping across the road ahead of me. The baby was quite small but seemed to bounce across just like mum.

The road south is lined on both sides with medium sized trees, perhaps 10m tall, then undergrowth and yellow dry grass. As a result there is no view and driving does become tedious as the picture around me does not change much at all. What I had planned as a three hour drive then had turned into six and a half hours by the time I got to Three-Ways.

Again I leave about 7.30am even though it had been a rather cool night.

On my way to Camooweal Qld.

The scenery along the highway east is similar to yesterday, except there is more yellow grass and the bushes a bit shorter, a slightly better view then yesterday. About 120km west of Camooweal the land opens out into vast Savannah grassland, fenced either side of the road, occasionally cattle also become visible but its yellow/golden grass as far as I can see in any direction.

Slowly turning into cattle country...

About 60km west of Camooweal there is an accident where a Caravan has come off the road. Several vehicles have stopped. I ask, as I pass if I can be of any help, but am told everything is under control.

When I arrive at Camooweal I book myself in at the roadhouse, yes, will need electricity to keep cool.

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