Thursday, 4 February 2010


This afternoon finds me at a place called Lime Bay Nature Reserve, at about the northernmost point on the Tasman Peninsula, about 35km from Port Arthur, where I spent most of the day viewing what is left of the old prison facilities.

The old facade of the prison

What is now a Museum at Port Arthur

Since leaving Queenstown I have been to a few different locations.  The road out of Queenstown winds its way steeply up the side of the mountain, one that looks as if it was made from iron oxide, all coloured reddish brown, why, I don't really know but suspect a lot of that was caused by mining in this area.  The road steadily winds its way through the mountains, up and down and then up again, not made for fast driving but good exercise for my clutch foot and my arm, constantly having to change gears up and down....

I pass by a few lakes, all part of a hydro-electric system that provides electricity for Tasmania.  After I pass through Tarraleah the hills start to recede, grassland with lots of cattle and sheep all the way to the town of Hamilton where I spend the night by the side of the creek in the company of quite a few fellow travellers with Motorhomes, Caravans and some in tents.

In the morning I drive the 21km to New Norfolk where I need to re-fuel before heading up into the mountains again, this time to Lake Pedder, a very large lake indeed, spreading for many many kilometres, the water is clean, if a little stained with Tannin from the surrounding vegetation and its not too cold to swim in either.
Getting closer to Lake Pedder

Its quiet and peaceful up here, still quite warm although the air is hazy from smoke generated by distant bush fires.  We do get to see a spectacular sunset with the smoke coloured sun showing off all its colour across the water of the lake.
Sunset coloured  by smoke haze from fires.

In the morning I drive on to Hobart where I will need to pickup my mail, pay some bills via the internet and deposit some cheques at the bank.  I put down stakes for the night at The Royal Showground, re-fill my freshwater tank and also catch up with some friends as my phones are working again in the big city of Hobart.

When I leave this morning I head for Port Arthur.

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