Friday, 19 February 2010

Wow, time flies when you are traveling

 Last night I spent at Batman Bridge Rest Area by the Tamar River that  is a tidal river flowing in both directions depending on high or low tides.
Batman Bridge

Today I have arrived at the city of Launceston, sooner than planned but the rear tyre that had been punctured back in Queenstown is still leaking slowly, so I don't feel too comfortable driving as it is a big job changing one of the double tyres on the rear axle.  This type of tyre is not that common so I thought it wise to have it fixed in a big town like Launceston.  While they were working replacing tyres I went for a stroll around town and along the boardwalk along the boat jetty.  Also treated myself to a great Fish & Chips with salad and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

The temperatures have suddenly gone to "hot" again so I checked myself into a caravan park as I was also in need of a nice shower again.
Inside on a rainy day

Since leaving Verona Sands I have traveled a bit, visiting a few places going north, driving through the centre of Hobart, stop at Cambridge in the drizzle that has been with me most of the way, buy new wiper blades for my windscreen and have my Gas cylinder re-filled at the local camping store.  The town of Sorell, I know has a big Woollies where I pick up 2 loafs of bread, then north-east to Triabunna where I spend the night.  With all the rain and clouds seemingly hanging just above my head, it has become quite dark, windy and cold, a connection to electricity excellent so I can turn on my electric heater.

Still cold and unfriendly in the morning as I drive north along the coast line through Swansea then down a side road to Point Bagot where I spend the night in a drab kind of campsite.  My neighbors have some managed to get some dry firewood, so at least we can sit around the fire, talking about traveling, sharing a glass of Red.  My hot water bottle very much in need for the second night in a row.  Lots more blue sky in the morning, clouds finally lifting.  As I drive further north along the coast I have sunshine and rain and wind and everything else in between.  Still cold, but a lot more sun by the time I get to St Helens.  I stop at Binalong Bay, at the southern end of the Bay Of Fires.

In the morning its bright sunshine and I see a great surf running on all the beaches of the Bay of Fires.  The wind has also lessened so its very pleasant to go exploring with my camera along the ocean front.

Later that morning I backtrack a little south as I want to visit St Marys in the coast mountains, also because of the great crepes available at the Pancake Restaurant just outside St Marys.  When I leave the Pancake place I drive to the town of Fingal and from there on winding gravel roads deep into the forest, see the tallest "White Gum" Eucalypts (91m high) as well as many giant Tree Ferns deep in the rainforest.  The Forestry Industry sure seems to be cutting down a lot of trees for wood chipping, so its good to see that at least some areas have been reserved, never to be logged.
Along the road into the High Country

After a close encounter with a logging truck I finally arrive at a campground right by the river Esk, where I meet some more fellow travelers who did not mind driving down those dusty trails just like me.  We had a great camp fire, a long Happy Hour.  I am always still amazed to see just how many lovely people I meet on the road, in the most out of the way places!

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