Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Katherine, delayed mail delivery, catching up with friends, Katherine Gorge

They say, time flies when you are having fun!  Well, I would not exactly call it "fun" having to wait for a week to collect my forwarded mail which was supposed to be sent to Katherine Post Office.  After several visits to the Post Office and a few calls to the Service Centre, I finally established that my mail had been redirected to Darwin, simply because my Post Office in Sydney had not addressed it correctly.

We also drove around to the Railway Station as the "Ghan" trained had just stopped on the way back to Alice Springs from Darwin.  The train is about 700m long, pulled by a large Diesel / Electric Engine.  Not a bad way to travel.

The Ghan at Katherine

 Kayaks for rent if you want to find your own way up the gorge.

I had been waiting for Eckhard and Suki to catch up with me anyway so I had some easy days, relaxing, some bike riding, shopping etc.  After they arrived we did the breakfast cruise through Katherine Gorge, a very nice experience yet again drifting up the gorge as the day begins....

 What a way to start the day, gliding up the gorge

After picking up my mail (finally) on Monday morning, I am on the road again toward Litchfield National Park again, having discovered that a new area had just been opened there which we all want to take a look at.  We stop on the way at Pine Creek again because its such a relaxing place to be

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