Friday, 30 July 2010

The Top End

Four days around Darwin is enough!  A city that spreads to similar dimensions as Sydney, right across flat landscape.  I found the downtown area with its strip of park land very clean, green and well looked after.  There is also a swimming pool near the wharf with a wave making machine that seems to be very popular with Darwin kids riding their boogie boards in this make-believe surf.

The Deckchair movie theatre where you can watch a movie under the stars, right outside in a garden environment.  Even though we are now in the "Dry Season" the temperatures are always in the mid thirties, the humidity fairly high, both contributing to a rather uncomfortable way to spend your day.  Air conditioning a definite must-have if you want to have some comfort, particularly at night for sleeping comfort.
Sunrise at Pussycat Flats
While staying at Darwin there was also a training exercise going on with the Australian Air force, constant take-offs and landings of Fighter aircraft that do not need to adhere to any noise restrictions applying to all commercial aircraft.  As a result, the stay at Darwin was most unpleasant, glad to get out of town again, south toward more appealing surrounds.
I have ordered some more ink cartridges for my printer, to be forwarded to Katherine, so for now I am taking a rest at Pussycat Flats, still about 90km north of Katherine, among some peace and quiet once again, to wait until Monday to collect my mail at Katherine.  Eckhard and Suki are also waiting for some mail so we decided to stay up here for a few more days.

More info on Pine Creek, near Pussycat Flats

In case you are interested, I have also just setup a photo album about my trip that you can view under the following link: Some stunning images I have photograped, view them in full screen view.

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