Saturday, 21 August 2010

Life (they say) Goes On.

Karumba is a small coastal town, primarily geared to the sports fishermen that come into town to cast their lines into the local waterways, usually from small Aluminium boats with outboards mounted at this stern, commonly referred to by Australians, a Tinnie.  Nice and relaxed atmosphere with a cooling breeze near the ocean, so I stay for 3 nights.

 The beach at Karumba with a large sandbar a little way out

Lots of birdlife in the shallow ponds by the road.  A big Brolga on the left.

My journey east takes me back from Karumba to Normanton and from there to the town of Croydon, yet another Gold mining town of yesteryear.  The area I am travelling in is called The Goldfields and most of the townships here have their origins from the Gold Mining days back in the 1880s so there is also a bit of history on display from those days.  I stop again at Croydon for 2 days before driving on to Georgetown both Gold mining towns.


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