Monday, 30 August 2010

North toward Cape Tribulation

 Car Ferry into Cape Tribulation

This is my third visit to this tropical Paradise that always reminds me of places like the Hawaiian Islands, or Bali with its mountain range on my left and the ocean on my right on my way north th Cape Tribulation.  On both of my previous visits I have been blessed with sunshine, something I have mostly taken for granted, so this time around the road to the lovely campground is not dusty as I remember, but wet with some muddy puddles in places.  Never the less, its a good spot, just a few metres from the beach, separated from the water only by a fringe of tropical rain forest.
The weatherman had forecast rain for the Cape York Peninsula (but having come now for thousands of kilometres from the more central parts of the continent, the last rain I had experienced has been on the drive toward Tom Price near Karijini National Park, many weeks ago), rain is not an important consideration.

 Road into the Rain Forest
This morning I awake with rain drumming onto my roof, a nice feeling being in a dry and warm place while listening to the sounds of heavy tropical rain outside.  When I get up and look outside I can see that we are surrounded by water all around us, water standing on the lawn, our floor mats outside afloat.  More rain on the way, according to the radio.  Now we all know why this area is also referred to as The Wet Tropics.

 In the Wet Tropics all plants flourish
We decide to leave the area and head for the hills of the Tablelands where we hopefully meet blue skies yet again.  The rainforest is lush and wet, the river crossing on the returntrip to the ferry now carries about 30-40cm of water across the road after last night's rain.  The road back toward Cairns is mostly wet too, even though the sky looks as if it wants to clear for a little while.  When I stop at a shopping centre I get drenched just walking about 20 m before I get under cover again.  I head back to Mareeba where I am to meet Eck and Suki again.

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