Friday, 6 February 2009

Hangin out by the Beach

Looking east toward Busselton

This location right by the beach of the tranquil waters of Geograph Bay (named by French Explorers) is unbelievably beautiful. We are experiencing fairly high temperatures (Perth 38) but a cool breeze off the water helps to keep me cooler in the shade of the trees. The land mass jutting out into the Indian Ocean is perhaps about 50 km wide, forming a large Bay.

Sunrise on the beach looking westward

The camp is located on its south shore, so instead of usually facing west on this coast, I am now facing North instead when I stand on the beach looking out to sea. Most of the ocean swell and the winds are coming up from the south, therefore the waters in the bay are relatively calm, without any surf running. The sand is white and fine, many of the visitors here have brought their kids who seem to be spending most of their days in the shallow waters, their parents on the beach under beach umbrellas watching their offsprings.

A tranquil morning - even for the sea gulls

I just spoke to Jo who is at Goomalling, about 200km north-east of Perth. She is telling me its very hot already, probably even hotter than yesterday where she had 38 degrees in her motorhome. On these hot days it is very much an advantage to be staying by the coast with a cooling breeze all day long. Although many caravans have left, more of the "Grey Nomads", long-time travellers, seem to have taken up the vacated spaces, most staying for extended periods, in point of fact, a lady that stayed at the same campground at Perth just before we left to fly to Bali, has just moved in and she told me, she is intending to stay till Easter.

For the moment the heat seems to have gone, the last two days being rather cool instead. For the weekend and into the early part of next week however, we have a forecast for about 36 degrees for Perth, so summer is a long way from being over. I intend to move on again on Monday, 9.2. and drive further south to Augusta to collect my mail. This town is known to be rather windy and if the heat should strike, Augusta is probably a somewhat cooler place to be. (fingers crossed)

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