Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Keppel Island

Island tours from Yeppoon are not operating Mondays, so the best opportunity to make the trip across to the island was today. The Catameran leaves at 10.30 for the island and returns at 2.00pm.

There is quite a swell on the way out which results in a choppy ride which was fun, much like riding a roller coaster. The ocean shades of turquoise, the beaches when we arrive, mostly white sand, bright with the sun reflecting. A beautiful place without a doubt.

Keppel Island Beach simply beautiful
The ride in the glass bottom boat across a field of Coral was interesting but also got to be monotonous with no variety of sea creatures other than very small coral fish, the colours of the coral rather dull in shades of green.

When I return to the beach I take a stroll across the beachfront and discover that the once booming tourist facilities have been closed down, the whole complex fenced off with chain link fence, obviously pending further development. For now a rather sad sight I had not expected. Apart from the ever present sea birds the only other wildlife a saw were two fair-sized black snakes disappearing into the woods just in front of me. The place once you get away from the beach has a desolate, uncared for ambience. There is only one shop open that sells the typical tourist gear, like T-shirts, Post cards and other nick nacks for visitors - no customers.

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