Friday, 30 October 2009

Seventeen Seventy

The Town of 1770. An interesting name wouldn't you say? But, before I get there, an update on my way further south. From the map I had picked two likely places to stay, the most likely one at Tannum Sands, just south of Gladstone, an industrial town with a huge Aluminium smelter, which I passed by. Tannum Sands is right on the coast, a campground, about one block from the water is expensive and also features a large display of Sandfly Repellant and looking at a couple walking out I can see they have been bitten. Anyway, I have had my share of Sandfly bites when I stayed on the beach north of Townsville so decided to give that place a miss.

Another listed site by the river turns out to be closed down so I decide to go a bit further south on the highway before turning toward the coast again to visit the town of 1770. A great place, right on the beach again, lots of people, many from Bundaberg who know this spot as a local get-away.

Looking out my window at 1770

Lieutenant James Cook, on Wednesday 14th May 1770 went ashore near Round Hill Head with a party of men in order to examine the country, accompanied by Joseph Banks and Dr Solander. Cook's ship, The Endeavour, anchored about 2 miles off shore.

Round Hill Head

This was Cook's second landing in Australia and his first in Queensland, hence the Seventeen Seventy being referred to as The Birthplace of Queensland. Cook and his party landed within the south point of the bay where they found a channel leading into a large lagoon. "...In this place there is room for a few ships to ly in great security, and a small stream of fresh water..."

Cook's Ship "The Endeavour"

Upon the shore they saw a species of Bustard, one of which was shot. It was like a large turkey and weighed seventeen and a half pounds. It was the best bird they had eaten since leaving England and in honour of it they called the inlet "Bustard Bay".

NB: This information has been kindly supplied by the Manager Chris of this camp ground [more]

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