Saturday, 24 October 2009

South from Airlie Beach

I leave my campsite at Cannonvale Campground, take yet another stroll through Airlie among Backpackers before a quick shopping trip at the new Shopping Plaza at Cannonvale. I continue my journey along the coast, finally stopping for the night at a place called Clairview which looks lovely when I arrive, turquoise waters lapping the beach right outside my rear window.

After some food for a late lunch, two Sudoku Puzzles and a bit of a read, I discover that the tide has receded, revealing mudflats and black rocks that have been hidden when I arrived.

In the morning I decide to drive further south toward Rockhampton and after consulting my maps, Yeppoon looks like the place to stay, right on the coast yet again. After communicating with Alison who has lived up here for quite some time, she also confirms this place to be, in her words, "..real nice..".
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I book myself in at the local council campground, again right on the beach, with lovely views out of my rear window and no mudflats or rocks at low tide! I really like the place and prescribe for myself a week's holiday.

Sunrise on Yeppoon Beach

I do notice a strong 'marine' smell coming off the ocean, also notice yellow foam that has settled on the sand after the tide recedes. I am told this is because the corals out on the Reef are emitting spores to reproduce, an event that occurs only once a year. Interesting!

Yellow foam left by Coral Spores in the water

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