Friday, 3 April 2009

Turning a Page

Finally, on the road again. This time it will be a return trip to Sydney via the Nullabor. Why? Well, while I was in Sydney I bought a Motorhome to replace the van I have been traveling in since last year.

The new House-on-wheels

Life can be real good on the road, provided there is just a little comfort while you are traveling. The van is a little on the rough side, particularly when the weather is not playing ball. So, the choice to move to something a little bigger and more comfortable was not difficult to make, also, when you consider that this will be my home (on wheels) for some time to come.

Looking towards the front, door on the left.

Stove Grill and sink

Looking towards the rear

Naturally, there is also a downside when it comes to driving on bad dirt roads which will be somewhat limiting where I can go with my new acquisition. From past experience though, I can say that I have been avoiding the real bad stuff anyway so it will be just fine.

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