Friday, 20 November 2009

Eastcoast of New South Wales

Driving south following the coastline (more or less) reveals a land that is green once again, after all the heavy rainfalls over the last few weeks everything looks almost like a european landscape, cattle grazing in the midst of fresh grass as far as I can see.

Quite a few of the low-lying areas are still covered in water, the rivers on my way, all full to the top, flowing majestically through this seemingly totally flat country.

The weatherman is reporting extreme heat inland so the decision to come and follow the coast has been a good one, a constant cool breeze from the ocean sure keeps the temperature down to a level of comfort.  

The heavy dowpour I experienced while I stopped at Lake Moogerah has certainly helped to clean the roof of my Motorhome.  Yes, the new Telescopic ladder I bought has been used for just that, namely the inspection of my Solar Panels on the roof, noticing that they did not require any cleaning, the heavy rain had certainly removed all traces of bull dust also going by the name of "Pillbara Pink" by the locals.

The Pacific Highway turns a little away from the coast after I leave Evans Head, the next larger Town on the road is Grafton, where I stop briefly to buy groceries at Aldi, then follow the highway further south, again turning toward the ocean where I put in my next stop-over at "Red Rock" for the night.

Coastline near Red Rock

The following morning I continue south, drive through Coffs Harbour, then take the turn-off to Sawtell where I check into the caravan park.  I take out my bike and go for a cruise, discovering a cute mainstreet with a number of shops and restaurants with tables out on the foot path.

The following day takes me only a short distance further south, past Nambucca Heads, Macksville until the turn-off to Grassy Head, where I find a quaint caravan park, separated from the beach by an overgrown sand dune, I can hear the waves but am sheltered from the strong winds.  I like it so much, I spend 3 days and nights.  There is also a bit of cooking to catch up on so my meat will not go off in the fridge.

Grassy Head Camping

When I leave again, I follow the highway south to Kew, where I turn toward the ocean again and find a nice spot to stay, up high looking across the beach and the ocean.  Very nice with a great beach, its called "Bonny Hills".

 Volcanic rocks at Bonny Hills Beach

Interesting rocks with colourful lichen growing probable high mineral content.

The following morning I continue south to Tuncurry / Forster where I spend another 3 nights. [more info on The Great Lakes area]

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