Sunday, 8 November 2009

The way to Burleigh Heads

I leave Hervey Bay to come further south to Maroochydore, also on the coast, the Caravan Park there looks ok from the brochure as well.  My new friends from Munich. Karin and Wiggerl are taking a different route south but intend to catch up at Maroochydore.  Lots of traffic all the way, an indication that I am nearing a larger city, Brisbane, still more than 100km south from where I want to go.

The weather Bureau has forecast rain for the coastal area and in-land south of Brisbane, so I hope things will clear up by the time I get to Brisbane.  The Caravan Park turns out ok too and after Karin and Wiggerl arrive, we decide to spend 2 nights and I invite them over for a feed, them supplying the "Red" to go with it.  We enjoy each other's company sitting under my awning, having dinner, moving inside only after the bities start to become a nuisance.  Real nice, for a change to be conversing in Bavarian, even though it does seem to come naturally.

When we leave Maroochydore, Karin and Wiggerl head for Bribie Island, a little further to the south, but I have an appointment in Brisbane to buy a Telescopic Ladder that will allow me to climb onto my roof anytime I need to, to clean up my Solar Panels etc.  By the time I leave Brisbane its about midday and I drive toward Beaudesert through Ipswich.  Going south west the skies are getting darker, soon rain setting in.  I arrive at Darlington, hoping to meet again with a friend Robbo from my first visit there, back in April.  As it turns out, Robbo is no longer with us, having died only 2 weeks ago, suffering from cancer.  All my blessings to him in his next life.

The Gumtree behind my van has shed a lot of bark overnight
For that reason I decide not to stay at Darlington but drive on to Moogerah Lake, hoping the rain will let up.  It does briefly, just enough time for me to put my vehicle into the allocated spot.  Its already dark and soon the rain sets in again.  After raining most of the night I find myself surrounded by muddy and slippery grass, still dark and wet outside.  I decide to leave and drive back to the coast with the hope that the sun will make an appearance again.  Good decision, slowly the sky brightens as I drive toward the coast and by the time I arrive at Burleigh Heads its bright and sunny again, good enough to do my washing as well.

Surfers Paradise from Burleigh Heads

Looking toward Tweed Head

When I walk along the beach, looking north I can see Surfers Paradise, about 15km up the coast.  You could be forgiven to think that you might be looking at Manhattan, what with all the Skyscrapers lining the coastline.  Overdeveloped, yet still popular with many visitors each year.  

Many Hexagon shaped rocks litter the landscape

Another view from the park to Tweed Head

I also take a long walk through the rainforest just to the south and discover interesting rock formations as well as some wildlife along the way.

Basking next to the walkway

Thats why its called "Strangler Fig"

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