Monday, 29 September 2008

Cervantes and on to Jurien Bay

I arrive at Cervantes, late Friday Morning, drive through a modern and seemingly growing town. Easy to see that some of the commerce is in Crayfish harvesting with several large fishing boats in evidence and several jetties along the coast. The largest one populated by fishermen with their lines in the water. I go to the tourist info to get some brochures, check out the local caravan park, which looks nice and green.
Rather than checking in, I decide to drive out the 17km to the Pinnacles, check out a 'wild' campsite out of my book and discover that in this area 'wild camping' is now prohibited and so head back to the caravan park and book myself into an unpowered site for a few day.

A look at the Pinnacles, limestone formation coming through the yellow sand

The Pinnacles are very interesting to see, arriving early in the day also makes it a rather peaceful event, only a few vehicles are actually in the park when I drive through. I quite enjoy taking it all in, the morning light adding a particular quality to the place as well. To be recommended! When I have setup my van in the park, I get on my bike to discover mora about the township of Cervantes. Many newly constructed roads and new houses wherever I look. Many of the street names have Spanish origin, like Talavera Road or Malaga Circuit, or Majorca Street. There are 4 Restaurants/Cafe, two of them in Clubs. Should like to try at least one of them later.

Its Sunday today and after getting up early, I take a bike ride out to the lookout on top of a high sand dune, about 2km from my camp ground. I only see two people there and it’s a great spot for a good look along the waterfront, up and down the coast line.

View along the coast from the lookout

Lots of blossoming shrubs on the way, again, just two cars on the road this early hour.

Dead tree formed by the constant winds near the Lookout

When I return into town, I take a drive down to the jetty, being Sunday, lots of kids throwing a line into the water, hoping to make that catch.

One of the three jetties at Cervantes

Back at the trailer park I chat with my neighbors, a couple with their young son, about 10 from New Zealand, but now living in Perth. They came up to Cervantes for the long weekend, just to get away from the city. He has to be back on the job on Tuesday, so tomorrow, Monday they will need to return. Another couple that arrived this morning, are from Frankfurt, have been here for the second time, this time to explore the West. They are heading south to Perth and beyond and fly out again on the 8 October.

For my travel plans, I have decided to leave in the morning as well to drive up to Jurien Bay, about 25km to the North. The news also reported that a whale was stranded on the beach, south of Jurien Bay, something I really want to check out.

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