Saturday, 27 September 2008

Heading South from Port Denison

Started out real well this morning, clouds finally clearing after a day of rain, spent mostly at my computer, indoors. I drive down the highway and turn right into the coast road that leads down to Cervantes at the southern most end. My planned next stop is only about 35km to the south, "Cliff Head North" and I find it with ease. A short dirt road, right down to the beach. Two Caravans who spent the night there are just leaving. I am the only vehicle on site. There is no wind, the sky looking as though it is about to clear, promising sunshine once again.

I am putting out my awning, sit in my chair and start reading. Several campers and trailers are pulling in but each one leaving after a quick look around. By the time its 11.30 the wind has picked up again, getting stronger by the minute, my floor covering getting blown away. What started out as a promising morning has turned into another extremely windy day here on the water and I decide to move before I get blown off the beach. What I need is a place, away from the water, sheltered from the strong wind gusts. I drive further south to a campsite at Lake Indoon.

Great location, Lake Indoon

A nice spot actually and I also find some shelter from the wind, make some lunch and eat. No sooner have I washed my dishes, the wind has turned somewhat and its beginning to rain, the temperature dropping. If I had power, I could turn on my heater. I move again and finally get to a trailer park, back off the main highway, where I book myself into a powered site to help me keep my house warm with my electric heater. The wind has now really picked up and feels COLD!!!!

The sun has finally gone down and, guess what, the skies have cleared. With luck on my side, I will head down to Cervantes to take a closer look at the Pinnacles. Tonight, no phone connection, no internet connection, so tomorrow I will need to catch up with the world.

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