Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Brisbane and my forgetful mind...

Its Monday 8.30 am. I am waiting for the people at "Springers Solar" to have an additional Solar Panel installed. I am told that the Technicians won't get here for another half hour, so I park my Motorhome in the back and check my email in the meantime. I had arrived Sunday (yesterday) afternoon and had checked into a trailer park just down the road. I had a load of washing to do, picked a good day to do that as it was warm and sunny to dry my stuff.

The installers arrived on time and went to work with me watching. All was finished by 1.00pm when I left to drive up to Noosa, a touristy kind of place, about 120km north on the coast where I wanted to spend the night.

When I get there I finally realise that I had forgotten to pickup my mail that I had forwarded from Sydney. Looks like I will have to drive back to Brisbane in the morning to do just that. Shite!!

The forecast of strong rainfall was correct, so in the morning the rain increases the closer I get to Brisbane. I pickup my mail and leave immediately to get out of town before the rush hour. I have decided to travel west as the wet is moving in from that direction this time and have made the town of Toowoomba my target for the day. It was quite warm in Brisbane, so I am quite surprised after crossing the mountain range with lots of fog, when I realise how cold it is at Toowoomba.

After picking up some supplies at the Supermarket I leave town again to drive to Crows Nest, just 35km to the North. Driving out of Toowoomba I drive through dense fog, the first I ever experienced in Australia, for several kms. It finally lifts but the wet weather is definitely moving in as it is getting darker by the minute. It looks like a cold night so I book myself into a powered site. Good choice. The rain starts and its cold as well. While I am cooking a beef curry I also turn on my heater.

It rains heavily all night. I am glad I am in a warm and dry place. In the morning all grassed areas in the park are under water, still raining heavily. I leave at 8am to drive as far west as I can, expecting sunshine further west. The sky has completely closed in, seemingly sitting at treetop height. Dark and wet!

When I arrive at Roma, skies are blue once more, such a positive sight after such a dark and wet journey.

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