Sunday, 3 May 2009

Walcha, Port Macquarie, Diamond Head and on to Harrington and Red Head, (north of Tuncurry Forster)

The drive from Walcha to Port Macquarie took me down from over 1000 metres to Sea level and the temperature is much higher than I had anticipated when I reach Port M. The following morning, after breakfast I take a long walk into town, along the foreshore, quite an enjoyable scenery along the way, the large rock bolders along the seawall all inscribed with messages, mostly to friends or relatives departed. Most of the holiday makers are gone now, school holidays over and there are usua lly only locals that I pass on the way. Yes, lots of spaces now at Trailerparks as well. When I leave Port M. the following morning, I see quite a few caravans coming the other way, going north toward higher temperatures. I am heading south as I need to have one of my side windows repaired. A flying stone from a passing vehicle on one of the dirt roads had smashed it when I came back from Barrington Tops. Luckily it did not shatter completely and I was able to tape it up so it stays in one piece for the time being.

I follow the coast road south, past Lake Cathie and the town of Laurieton and on to a campsite at Diamond Head. The last 5km going in are dirt and quite badly corrugated, so the going was slow, mostly second and third gear, but the trip was worth it, Diamond Head Camp, right on the beach with great rock formations.

Diamond Head

About a dozen other campers are there as well, some of them with small kids. The toilet facilities are good but there is no hot water, so the shower will have to wait another day.

The following morning I drive back the way I came in, one of the other travellers told me that the dirt road going south was in pretty bad shape. At the town of Kew I am back on the Pacific Highway where I turn left to go south. Just past the turn-off to Coopernook I turn left again toward the coast and the town of Harrington.

Camels for rent along the beach

The weather is turning to a friendlier look, so after checking in at the trailer park I take a long walk along the foreshore and a seawall that leads to a headland on the opposite shore. It looks like a fisherman's paradise, many a brass plaque along the way paying tribute to fishermen who have enjoyed casting a line. It is quite beautiful here, long sand dunes and dramatic clouds above.

Views along the pier at Harrington

The following morning, after returning to the Pacific Highway I drive further south but turn toward the coast again to check out Old Bar that looks interesting but turns out a bit desolate. I return to the highway, yet again to drive south, keep left to drive on the Lakes Way and then again toward the coast into Red Head where I stop at a trailer park for the night.

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