Saturday, 2 May 2009

From Gloucester to Barrington Tops then on to Walcha

I did enjoy Gloucester very much, particularly nice to see how much this town has changed since the time since I last visited back in 1979, when it was just a non-descript small country town. Gloucester lies in a wide valley with hills and mountain bluffs on either side, a setting to look at from the distant hills, before coming into the township itself. Yes, a main street with many stylish shops and restaurants that provide tables out on the footpath.

Next to the caravan park is a beautiful walking trail along the river which I set out to explore in the morning while the morning mist is still rising. A great time to take a few photos and decide to spend another night to explore a little more. A few extra photos next morning, the morning fog adding another note as well. Yes, I quite enjoyed staying here.

The fog just beginning to lift in the morning

A little later I drive up to Barrington Tops, a road that winds its way up into the hills, quite a lot of that is dirt road, in a way, also a test how the much larger motor home will handle the climb and the less than good road conditions. As it turns out, when driving carefully quite poor road conditions can be negotiated. After following this road for well over an hour I decide to turn around, return to the main road and drive up to Walcha. On the way back I realise just how steep the drive is, so I need to stay either in second or third all the way back into the valley. Walcha has a very nice camp ground, but its quite cool, not surprising really when you consider that the town is located over 1000m above sea level. There are many wooden sculptures erected in part of the town but I did not find them too exciting.

It is quite fresh when I pack up and leave in the morning, although its sunny. My next stop is about 25km east of Walcha, a River Gorge with spectacular views down into the Gorge itself and quite a waterfall where the river cascades into the valley.

Quite a spectacular gorge with a big waterfall

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