Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Back on The Great Ocean Road

After quite a cold night, I take my vehicle in for a Service and as they finish early I decide to drive to (hopefully) more pleasant temperatures on the coast, particularly the parts of The Great Ocean Road I had not seen when I drove in the opposite direction last week.

I drive south via Geelong and from there to Torquay, buzzing with holiday makers, from there I continue to Anglesea, a somewhat smaller Holiday Haven on that coast.   I check one of the local Caravan Parks ("Top Tourist Park") for their rates, a "powered site", am told to my surprise, the highest of any prices ever quoted: $65 per night.  All that entitles me to is a few square metres of dirt to park, a power plug-in and the use of the showers.  This is where GREED is taking us.  She did offer a better price, namely $55, which I obviously declined, drove a nother 7-8 km along the coast, drove down to a beach, with toilets and all.  I payed $0.00, along with a few other fellow travelers.
More about Anglesea..

The view from my back window.  Not bad for a Freebee!

Yes, its a cloudy day, but still great.

The views along the coastline pretty good too.

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