Monday, 4 January 2010

Heading for Service to Shepparton then on to The Grampians

All this driving on extremely winding and steep roadways my brakes have been getting quite a lot of exercise, from time to time my brake warning light on my dashboard keeps coming on and off.  Naturally I am concerned and want Ford to take a look at my brakes.  The nearest large town is Shepparton so the following morning when I leave Jamieson I retrace my steps, back through Mansfield and from there, west toward Seymour, where I spend the night.
More on Seymour...
Most of the countryside is grassland with lots of herds of dairy cows, the landscape slowly flattening as I drive north to Shepparton this Sunday morning.  Not a lot of traffic, the road really good.  A little shopping when I get there, then find the Ford Dealer, which happens to be not far from my campground.

There are also more and more sheep now to be seen.

This morning at 7.30 I am at the gate to the Ford Dealership to have my brakes checked.  The man is very helpful as I explain that the brakes had been checked in Cairns back in October, that I seem to have lost brake fluid but the dealership in Cairns could not find a leak.  Today my fluid level is down again and my brake pads still in good shape.  After only checking for two minutes the leak is found and fixed, the brakefluid replaced and I am back on my way, heading west for The Grampians.  Its back roads all the way to Avoca through flat country, without even the slightest rise anywhere.  This changes as I get closer to Avoca, with the Pyrenees Mountains in the background.  More on Avoca...

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