Monday, 18 January 2010

To Castlemaine and beyond

I have left it fairly late by the time I leave Ballarat ( More on Ballarat...) but this is certainly not a problem as I only intend to travel as far as Castlemaine, yet another that has played a part in the years of the Goldrush, back in the 1850s.  Cattle and Sheep country all the way.  Lots of hay and straw bales on many properties along the road.
Along a country back road near Castlemaine

It has been quite warm again so I am looking for a powered site so I can turn on my aircon to keep cool.  I find the place at the end of town near the local swimming pool.  Castlemaine is much smaller than Ballarat, just a country town, really, but offers a few walks around the vicinity.  ( More about Castlemaine..)

I plug in and turn on my aircon but a couple of hours later the temperature drops significantly, so its time to open the windows instead, chat with my neighbors and later a hot shower.

In the morning, its now Sunday, I drive on to a campsite by the Lanecoorie River, that is located about 50km north west of Castlemaine.  It turns out very nice indeed, a few caravans in situ already, mostly people that have been there already for quite some time as I find out later.  There is also a lot of beer drinking going on that I do not want to take part in, so I return to my Motorhome and cook a nice Pasta Sauce to have for dinner instead.  Beautiful by the river, however, later on a strong wind kicks up a lot of dust, covering my vehicle, even though I have all windows closed.  I decide to move my vehicle upwind, of the area where the dust is being picked up.  Problem solved.

Camping by the Lanecoorie River

I leave early next morning to return to Ballarat, as I have booked in my vehicle at the Ford Service for an oil change and Filter replacement for Tuesday 8.00am.

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