Sunday, 10 January 2010

Back to the Victorian Coast

The temperatures are riseing, according to the Weather Bureau into the 40s, so I think its probably cooler down by the ocean. 

When I leave Halls Gap I drive south along the Grampian mountain range, a high escarpement of rocks that accompany my trip all the way to the township of Dunkeld which stands at the southern end of The Grampians.  I really enjoyed my stay there.  I also tried a few of the beautiful Sorbets from the icecream factory, most satisfying, really good!

From Dunkeld I drive west to Hamilton where I need to re-stock my fridge, have a haircut at the local barbershop and also re-fuel.  From Hamilton I drive south-west again to the coastel town of Portland, a large port catering to the Aluminium smelter but also very popular as a beach resort for holiday makers at this time of the year.  Campgrounds mostly full and if any spaces available, at top-dollar rates.  I drive east along the coast and find a very reasonable campground just across the road from the beach.  It is hot, even on the coast so I am glad to be able to keep cool, using my aircon.  In the evening it cools down, the following day being rather more cool than hot, good because I spend a large part of the afternoon chatting with my neighbors.

This morning I leave early, driving east along the coast to the city of Warrnambool, also a very nice place with many friendly people.

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