Thursday, 7 January 2010

The Grampians

In the past its been mentioned to me (by Victorians) that The Grampians are magnificent, so having seen a part of that mountain range, I do agree, its really beautiful!
More info on Halls Gap and The Grampians

View of part of The Grampians in the morning light

Yesterday in the wee hours (about 6.30am) on a cold morning I left to walk up to The Pnnacle, which is right at the top of the montain range right behind my caravan park at Halls Gap.  Its about 4km each way and its virtually uphill all the way with great views along the way.  Leaving this early in the morning, means that I am the only person on that trail, a further advantage being the cool temperatures this early in the morning.  During the day it gets to be well into the 30s.

Rockface viewed from The Pinnacle

As always, the return walk (downhill) was a lot harder on the legs than going up but I really enjoyed it, the round-trip taking close to 4 hours.

View over Halls Gap from The Pinnacle

This morning I decide to take it somewhat easier, drive about 20km to check out McKenzie Falls.  There are some lookouts along my way, one of them called (rather grandly "Grand Canyon".  Well, of course its nothing like THE Grand Canyon, but impressive just the same to be climbing up this small and narrow rock gorge with very interesting rock formations along the way.  There is also a somewhat shorter trail up to the Pinnacle (2.1km) where I have been yesterday.

Inside Grand Canyon

I stop at another lookout across the mountain range before driving on to McKenzie Falls.  Its quite a long and steep walk down into the gorge to get to the foot of the waterfall, but really worth doing!

Views of McKenzie Falls from both sides

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