Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Warrnambool and east to The Twelve Apostles

I spent two and a half days at Warrnambool, quite a large town right by the sea.  Not surprising, because of the holiday time the prices at Caravan Parks are outrageous, virtually identical prices all along this coast.  At Portland it was around $35 a night and at Warrnambool we have already arrived at $45 a night.  I guess, its a question of "...making hay while the sun shines...", or, as I would prefer to call it, GREED.  I refuse to pay that kind of money.  At Warrnambool I found that I could stay at the Sportsground for just $10.  Yes, just saved $70 for the two nights I spent there.
More about Warrnambool..
Anyway, my bike wheel had two broken spokes on the rear wheel and therefore had to have that rear wheel replaced at the local bike shop who had ordered that wheel which arrived this morning.  By 11.00am I was ready to leave town.

Yesterday I experienced soaring temperatures in the mid 40s, glad to be able to run my aircon to keep cool during the day.  By around 6pm the wind had started to drift around toward coming off the ocean again, rather than the nor-wester that had been blowing HOT all day.  As it got dark the temperature had arrived at a comfortable 30 degrees and this morning its mid 20s with rain on the horizon, coming in from the ocean.

Even though I don't like driving in the rain, I decide to head further along the coast toward the Twelve Apostles.  There is also a blustery wind that requires constant attention as I drive east again.  I drive through the townships of Peterborough and Port Campbell, stop briefly at the London Bridge in the (by now) driving rain, the wind nearly blowing me over with my umbrella.

London Bridge

A few kms on I also find the campsite I had intended to stay at, about 17km east of Port Campbell, where I am writing this blog.

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